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Silence is Good

It’s been a week. No phone calls. Which is good news. As an owner, you know phone calls only bring bad news. Like waiting for the draft.

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Counting the Days

There it is in cold, hard print next to Valdez’s name. 1204. Yeah, 1204 days since his last run. We knew it had been a while, since that fateful day at Chepstow, two, three, four years ago…yeah, the day he fell, slid, strained, the day the house of cards came down.

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From The Saratoga Special, August, 2017.

Owning horses goes something like this… 

You buy or breed the horse. Lift off. There’s a rush around that. Making a deal, creating a life. You get to name him. Design your silks. Dream the dream. All the world is young, the horizon unreachable, the freedom of expectation. You are in the game. 

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Night Check

This is one of my favorites, written several winters ago.

Night check. Every night, after dinner, we trek to the barn. Some days, it's comforting, almost therapeutic, a stroll, past the apple tree on the left, winding between the fence rows of the front field and back field, along the stone driveway, down the incline to the bank barn built in 1890. Tonight, it's anything but comforting, the wind whips like it's finishing a grudge, my nose instantly drips, on command. I don't dare check a thermometer. I pull my wool hat down, over my ears, and zip my down jacket to my chin. A stray cat, well, once-a-stray cat meows - more like a screech - from his makeshift bed next to the door. I walk head-on into the wind, the sky is bright for this time of night, one lone light shines from across two cow fields, I wonder if our neighbor is doing night check too.

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About the Horse

From The Saratoga Special, August 2013. 

"No problem."

That's all I wrote when asked to speak for the horse at a dinner for Saratoga WarHorse. I always say yes in emails, especially when the task is weeks away. I'll say yes to anything, if it's not today. It seemed easy, simply talk about the horse for two minutes. No problem.

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Crack of Dawn

There is nothing that will wake you up quicker than a European horse sale. Well, there is nothing that will wake me up quicker than a European horse sale. The texts started beeping at 5:05 Tuesday morning.

Conformation photos. Walking videos. Trotting videos. Racy bay gelding, jigging and jiving, tail clamped, hopscotching across the puddles while Matt Coleman plays Steven Spielberg.

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