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Nothing like March.

Winter is over. Spring is near. Sure, there could still be some cold days but we’re on the other side of it. The race season is palpable. The long, lovely offseason is behind us. The horses have yet to be pressured, they’re gearing up, sizing up, revving up. But, again, no real pressure yet. At least in my camps. It’s all potential at the moment. They’re getting quicker over the hurdles, a little lower, a little bolder. The stirrups are going up. The holds are getting shorter. The young ones are improving. God, I love potential.

Looks like we’ll skip Warrenton and Aiken. Just a little early for ours. The team race is circled. Maybe a southern-based horse for Camden. Green Spring for sure. Definitely Old Dominion. Maybe Elkridge-Harford. I’d like to support Blue Ridge. And then it’s on to the show. Spring will have sprung…Tryon, Middleburg, Foxfield…and before you know it, Radnor. Oh, how I miss Fair Hill.

The Belmont Special in June. That’ll kick off the summer with a bang.

And then it’s over. Comes around slowly and goes quickly. That’s how it usually feels. We’ll be in Saratoga on Labor Day, wondering what happened to summer.