The Calm Before the Storm

Welcome to England.

Somehow during a long Sunday lunch, I decided that it would be fun to ride out Monday morning and decided to tell everyone. Free help? They hold you to it. The knock on the door came early.

Dress boots, borrowed leather leggings, a black skull cap, Barry Murphy’s tack and away we go.

Hello Sunshine, one jogging circuit of the round, two canters around the round and once up the hill. She took care of me. Yes, I’ve been riding a bit this winter, but galloping a racehorse is another world. I took a long deep breath at the top. Wind: 1. Cobwebs: 0. One lot done and dusted, I was heading to the office for a cup of tea and The Racing Post.

“Hey Claaaaaancy, how about another?”

Hello, legend. Eight-year-old Hieronymus and I led the next set five times around the round and a long hack home. An 89-rated, 38-race veteran, the son of Dutch Art did what he wanted, how he wanted and I just tried to be a good houseguest.

We spent the rest of the day trying to exchange old paper British Pound Notes for new spendable ones. Managed to switch some, but not all…And the bookies exhale.

Now bedded down in the corner den at Dickhurst House near Robins Farm, Chiddingfold, Surrey. Watched the 4:00 at Plumpton. Hilltown, the favorite, disappoints. Born At Midnight ahead of the handicapper, wins easily. Watching the 4:10 at Toulouse. Twist Of Art, the 1-2 favorite, cruising with one hurdle to go, bolting and nearly dropping his jockey, regathering to win by an anxious few.

See you tomorrow with picks and preview. Let the games begin.