First Step

Here goes. Time to get to work. Write every day. Hey, everybody needs a goal.

They say we gain one hour of sunlight during February. At least that’s what the Saratoga Stryders informed us this week in their weekly newsletter. I skimmed it and deleted it. But I noted the hour. I’ll be watching and waiting and expecting. Any incentive helps.

February is tough. The shortest month and the toughest month. At least if you stay north. And we stayed north. Which is fine. It provides a good time for winter cleaning – update Website design, finalize new partnerships, order new silks, transfer registration papers, add another horse or two. There is no spring cleaning in steeplechasing. It’s winter cleaning.

I’m writing this from Snyder’s Baseball Academy somewhere near Manassas. Miles works on his breaking ball while I write a blog. Good trade.

The horses help flip the calendar page. My phone started beeping late Sunday morning. Jack Fisher forwarding videos of some of the members of Riverdee’s Class of 2024. Popping logs, cantering along the first furlong of his all-weather gallop. Whew, makes you dream of spring.

The NSA condition book helps as well. I started marking it up. Yeah, yeah, I know an owner with a condition book…

Stop by every day. I’ll try to be here.