Race Morning

It’s been a while.

Cheltenham provided some of the buzz of racing morning. But not the buzz of having runners (stay tuned, we’ll have runners there next year). And more importantly going to see the runners. I’m a little out of practice. Passes…overnight…binoculars…extra silks…Waze…

But it comes back to you. Every season. Every year.

Off to Green Spring at Shawan Downs. I’m still battling the post-Cheltenham flu or whatever you want to call this malady. Finally sleeping a bit at night and regaining strength. First-world problem, I agree.

Snow Geese ran yesterday at Camden, ran well it seems (livestream went to static) to finish second, beaten a half-length according to the results. Nice young horse with a future. That’s a buzz. A bit of a buzz. But not like going to the races. Of course today, we run eight horses, one (Include It) in a sanctioned race at Cheshire, that counts. The rest at Green Spring, they don’t count. Well, they can count against you if you get it wrong. The world of preps. Spring training. Opening Day for them is still weeks away.

I’ll leave in a few hours. Pensive drive to the races, then the energy of race day, riding the wave, each jump, each turn, each move, the debriefs and the retrospective drive home. The commiserating phone calls and texts. In what order? The winners…then the losers…then the confusers…then the inexplicables…then the shockers…I guess it doesn’t matter. Hopefully the races go smoothly, which means the calls will go smoothly.

Thirty-seven calls to be exact.

I’ll talk to you soon.

And, Happy Easter.