Mastering the Masters

As if I needed more distractions.

Richard Farquhar, of Walking the Courses (read a feature on his amazing walk here), organizes a Masters competition for charity. Pick four players, best cumulative score wins. Now I’ve gone to Masters dot com and am tracking Simpson, Oosthuizen, Rahm, Dechambeau, Day, Im, Hatton and Ancer like Authentic, Whitmore, Tiz The Law, Monomoy Girl…you get my point. And, yes, I played a few teams. Three in all. And, no, I don’t know anything about handicapping golf. A fun distraction. Not exactly a necessary one. Come on my son. One time.

Early Friday morning. The house is quiet, just the clacking of a keyboard. I like it at this hour. 

Cheltenham today. Tiger Roll is back. When we saw him slip out the side door at the very top of Prestbury Park, after finishing second, 17 lengths behind Easysland, in the cross country in March, I thought that was it, we’d never see him on the stage again. Winded, he exited to the barn rather than the winner’s enclosure and jockey Keith Donoghue walked back alone, tack hanging lifeless from his arm. I said my goodbye that day, my thank you (the late double with Tully East is still paying for my Cheltenham jaunts). But, alas, he’s back. He runs at 10:00 our time. 

The jumpers finish the season at Charleston Sunday. No runners. Include It finished second at Callaway Gardens. Solid effort from a solid horse. Now to regroup. Bought a few new ones for 2021. Hopefully more.