NO. No. No. Yes.

Poem a Day…Tim Ferris…Daily Stoic…Air Mail…Old Ox Brewery…

The emails. The emailed newsletters. So many.

Some I actually read.

Today’s from my favorite podcast, How I Built This, was short, sweet and to the point.

Here goes.

Hello Sean!

On the most recent How I Built This, Madeline Haydon (founder of the best-selling plant-based creamer, nutpods) told me about a profound breakthrough moment in her life.

As you’ll learn in the episode, she faced an almost relentless string of rejections on her way to building her business. During one of her toughest moments, when she was ready to throw in the towel, her husband reminded her:

“It’s all a numbers game. One more no gets you closer to YES.”

It’s a simple reminder, but incredibly powerful. Each ‘no’ isn’t just another door closing; it’s actually a step towards the right door that will eventually open.

Every successful entrepreneur must embrace ‘no’ as a necessary step on their path to success. The road to building something great isn’t smooth. In fact, it’s often paved with so many bumps that you’ll almost wonder why you’re still driving.

Here’s the lesson: stay in the game.

And most importantly, keep moving toward your YES.