Passing the Time

Road trip to Rehoboth Beach to see Dad. Eight-nine. Still going strong. Not as strong as he once was, no, but strong just the same.

We went for coffee and a sandwich yesterday. Then to Rehoboth Beach Running Company for a new pair of HOKAS. He got the blue on blue. I’d like to think because they are the Riverdee colors. Of course, the Riverdee colors were Mrs. Joseph P. Clancy’s originally. On the back of Dad on the backs of Nalanx, Lotsomo and Banner Route. Dad talked about Nalanx and the big fences at Glenwood Park somewhere between our trip for coffee and shoes. Or before or after our trip to Lowe’s.

He pointed me to the short cut, diagonally across Route 1 and in the back way.

“Park anywhere.”

OK, Dad.

Grass seed. In search of grass seed. I found a bag that looked right. It wasn’t. Found another bag that certainly was right. It wasn’t. And another…and another. Then we found the right one. $39.99. Sun and shade. I hope sand, too. I threw it over my shoulder and we walked to the cash register. Dad in his U.S. Marine Corps. Veteran. hat. Black and gold, standing tall.

“Thank you for your service,” an old man said. Well, not as old as this old man.

“You’re welcome,” Dad said, pushing a walker.

“My dad was at Iwo Jima,” the man said.

“Thank you,” I said.

Respect. Everywhere we went.

The woman at the cashier thanked Dad, too. Gave him a discount.

“I loved it,” he said.

“I don’t hear that too often,” she said.

“It’s the only patriotic thing I ever did,” Dad said. “That’s why I loved it.”

Whatever works.