Road Trip Leg 2-3

So far, so good.

The road trip has gone smoothly – so far. We skirted one snafu when we received an email about the Cape May Ferry cancelling our two bookings (4:30 looked too early and 6:00 looked too late) due to mechanical issues. I called the number Siri gave me and hit 5 for customer service.

“Hello this is Bill from the Cape May Ferry. How can I help you?”

Bill informed me that the email was wrong. Whew. Now, about the timing.

“The rule of thumb is 45 minutes before scheduled departure…”

“What if I get there at 4:15…”

“You’ll never make it, lines at the toll booths, the rescheduling…”

Bill couldn’t have more helpful.

I asked Miles what he thought, “Bill sounds dramatic.”

We hopped out of Monmouth, hit the Garden State Parkway aiming at Exit 0 and didn’t tap the brakes for 90 minutes, rolling through the toll booth and sliding into lane five.

The definition of America was aboard the ferry. Old and young, all colors, all conversations, all types of clothes. Old men in Black Harley Davidson T-shirts, a kid in Ninja Turtle garb, a young girl holding her khaki skirt from flying up from the whirlwind from the front of boat, American flags on shorts, shirts, hats, bandannas and sun dresses. Australian accents, Taiwanese, Indian, deep south…this is America.

We arrived for a perfect view of the Dewey Beach fireworks with Papa Joe from the deck of the beach house. A house with shag carpeting and so many childhood memories.

Jack Fisher, yet again, provided the fireworks at Monmouth Park, winning divisions of the maiden with Not In Charge and Snap Decision. Gostisbehere ran OK to finish fourth. Fisher has attracted dedicated owners to buy classy horses who attract good jockeys to train on upscale facilities and, well, they’ve won 24 of 76 starts this year. That figure would win…hell, I’m at the beach without any steeplechase books. Let’s just say 24 wins would win most training titles over the years.

Apse picked up a second and a couple of thirds at Culpeper, the Thoroughbred standing tall with the warmbloods at the summer horse show.

Off to Delaware Park to see Douglas Road and Eons run in stakes.

Should I call Bill about the timing?