A winner to finish the season. Penicillin Success capped the spring season with a win in the finale at Radnor yesterday. Stephen Mulqueen deputized for Graham Watters (out with a whip ban) on the Jack Fisher trainee.

The discussion in the paddock was to keep it simple. Break sharply and get comfortable.

Job done.

I remember going to Keeneland November Sale in 2021 with some loose orders. We wound up buying four horses in about 14 minutes. I ran through the letter P – an alphabet shooting gallery.

Ping Pong Champ. Penicillin Success. Potus. Pure Courage.

I felt like D. Wayne Lukas with Eugene Klein’s checkbook back in the 80s.

Penicillin Success became the fourth one to win. Good, solid horses, still going strong.

Rocket One ran well to finish second in the feature. A neck loss. No excuse. Sometimes you watch a race and think, “We just got beat, that’s all.” Ran well. Jumped well. You wouldn’t change anything. Another solid effort by a steady horse.

Watch it here.

Spring stats: 30-5-6-5. $148,800.