The Boss

Reading Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. It’s been on my shelf for a few years now. Picked it up once and set it down. Not sure how I set it down. So good. A lot like his songs, his music. An open door into his life, his thoughts, his friends, his family, his struggles.

You realize success and failure can hinge on one chance meeting; one chance taken. An opportunity seized or missed – I call it not recognized. That’s my one big regret, not recognizing opportunities. I’ve missed so many. People you believed in, connected with but then let slip away. Times when things were coming together, but you bring it together. Places where things were lining up but you fell out of the line. Moments that were there for the taking and you gave them back.

In our world, most of these are horses. Horses who galloped underneath you or galloped past you, provoking that visceral, instinctive reaction to something that can’t be explained. Sure, I capitalized on some but oh so many have kept galloping right on out of sight or into someone else’s sight. I wish I had more faith. More confidence. More Springsteen.